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Saturday, October 30, 2010

tips to be slim, trim and healthy
Always look beautiful and slim must be the most desirable thing by most of women. There are many ways you can do in order to achieve these desirable conditions. Starting from willing to starve, exercising regularly, drinks slimming pills or the most extreme is plastic surgery.

In fact, by considering the properties of food and how your body metabolism we can get the ideal situation without having to hunger, much less have plastic surgery. Our body will automatically adjust itself. And most importantly, the body can stay healthy and protected from various kinds of diseases.

The schedule of human body in the conducts of metabolism is as follows:

05:30 to 12:00: The body is working hard to make disposal.
At that time try to eat foods that are easy to be digested, namely fresh fruits. All kinds of fruit except durian, banana and jackfruit are very easy to be digested, less than half an hour it will be able to provide enough energy for our body. So when in the morning we eat fresh fruits or fruit juice (of course without sugar), the body will have a chance to dispose metabolic waste such as toxins, which ultimately makes our body healthier.

12:00 to 20:00: Time for the body to perform the function of digestion.
In this period, our bodies are actively digesting food, so it is recommended to eat a heavy meal such as rice, vegetables, or meat.

20:00 to 05:30: Time to absorb.
This is the time for the body to distribute food throughout the body, so our bodies will get an adequate nutrition. Try not to interfere with eating a heavy meal. This means no need to eat solid food again.

Other rules, the existence of Harmony of the Menus. Rice and meat is a less harmonious combination, so do not eat them at the same time. But rice and fresh vegetables are good foods when eaten at the same time. If you still want to eat meat, it should be eaten along with lots of vegetables, for example mixed vegetable salad with grilled chicken.

Fresh fruits should not be eaten right after a heavy meal such as rice or meat, because fresh fruits quickly digested by the body while the meat takes a fairly long process. From the difference of this digestion time, fruit will rot in the stomach first, of course, will be able to cause illness.

With discipline and regularity in paying attention to the type of food and diet, the body automatically will be slim, your skin will be more shiny, tight and definitely healthy.

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